jueves, agosto 04, 2011

¿Se puede medir la justicia?

We need a kind of ruler for measuring justice: a justice-ruler, if you like, with which we can compare one situation with another
John Rawls: goods that anyone would want regardless of whatever else they wanted
social primary goods, not just a matter of money, include basic liberties, like freedom
focus on these resources themselves, and not on what individuals can do with these resources

Martya Sen and philosopher Martha Nussbaum
the capabilities approach, looks at the kinds of goals people can achieve
What matters to people is not only the primary goods they hold but also the extent to which they can covert these goods to effective means to achieve their ends
The aspirations of people in Ethiopia are not the same as those in Chicago
what people want to become is influenced not only by the primary goods at their disposal; it is influenced also by many other factors that determine how they can generate
valuable states of being

Estos "estados existenciales valiosos" que parece los humanos buscamos desde nuestras perspectivas culturales (Etiopía, Chicago...) ¿vienen determinados por alguna tendencia "inmanente" de la consciencia humana (aunque esté mediatizada también culturalmente)?

primary goods
public objectivity we need for political life
difficult to objectify, like wanting to measure length using an elastic band: every user stretches it differently

Pure objectivity in these matters does not exist

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